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      About the company

      The company Moestuudio Must Luik OÜ was established in 1995 while organizing a children´s and youth camp SEGASUMMA SUVILA. The camp was initially planned just for 50 participants, but in reality we received over 1000 applications. After this first camp we realized that children are a wonderful companion to spend the summer with and to do things together with.

      Segasumma Suvila took place every summer for 14 years. It was providing fun, entertaining and busy summer holidays for nearly 400 children in each shift. In 1995 we opened MOESTUUDIO MUST LUIK (Fashion Studio Black Swan) which became the largest private hobby school and was operating for over 10 years.

      In the autumn of 2003 we opened the COSTUME HIRE SHOP. We are ready to compete with the suppliers of the manufactured goods. The majority of the costumes are created by ourselves. Our selection of the costumes expands constantly.

      Our work environment

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