Price list

The prices of the costume hire depend on the net value of the costumes, the amount of work put into the maintenance and the extent of wear.

  • The average cost of the adult costume is between 25-35 € per hire
  • Tuxedos, dress suits and precious ones up to 80 € per hire
  • Children’s costumes 10-20 € per hire
  • Wigs, boas, gloves, accessories, jeweleries cost 5-15 € per hire
Prices are given per one hire. Hire duration is from Tuesday till next Tuesday.

Private customers should pay by cash on the moment of handing over the costume to the customer. Companies can also pay by invoice, but a letter of indemnity is needed.

To sign a contract for a costume hire one should present his/her ID document.

To hire a tailcoat, uniform or any other very precious item, collateral has to be provided.

When a costume is destroyed then one has to compensate for its restoration. When the costume is heavily soiled then its cleaning has to be compensated.

It is possible to try on the costumes from Tuesday and take them right away. No prior notice has to be given to hire a costume. Price is same from Tuesday to Tuesday

The costumes are lent out for shorter periods in December.

Sellel veebilehel kasutatakse küpsiseid. Veebilehe kasutamist jätkates nõustute küpsiste kasutamisega. Rohkem infot

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